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The people

"There are these Caribbean ways of eating, then all of a sudden you have Thanksgiving and you kinda start seeing the differences: you're white side of the family don't be putting those spices on nothing.'
Wes Mapes
'You always have this idea in your mind of going home and this is where I belong, but then you get there and no one really accepts you.'

Felicity van Stroe
I spent so many years in the Netherlands, so I am from here too. But I never would be approached as a Belgium or as a Dutch person. So that kinda created a lot of questions as a child and as a teenager.
Shishani Vranckx
You have black, white, hispanic.. But these are all concepts that are created by us, by people, and I really don’t like to put myself in those classified boxes that other people make.'

Amilcar van Mullier

Time for a new discourse

During the last few years Black Lives Matter has awakened many people. And the beautiful thing about it is that it finally opened a new discourse, where there is room for all of us to find out who we are and what we need.  

In this short documentary, we hope to give strength to our younger selves. 

So we set out on a journey to discuss our experiences with other doubleblooded people and learn how to find the elements that define you.

With the hopeful outcome that we don’t longer have to scramble for answers or recognition to feel whole.

Join the conversation

During the research and making of this documentary we heard many different stories and perspectives. This has helped us tremendously in our own process and we want to continue the conversation with you!

Feel free to connect on our instagram because we would love to hear from you! We hope this is just the beginning of an ever-growing discourse on the search for identity. 

Because in the end, we hope we can all say: I am and this and that, instead of feeling  fragmented. 

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A film by us for us.

Yuri Yabi Blaak

‘When my father was asked somewhere in the 80’s, why he as an African man was
having a child with a white woman, he answered: ‘We are creating the children of the

Zoe van Broekhoven

'Being Doubleblooded brings you a two-folded image of the world and humankind, in which it comes naturally to understand both sides because of who you are.'    


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